The Thiele Family Monument: Vision of a Heavenly Future

Annette Stott, Professor, School of Art and Art History, University of Denver

For over one hundred years a granite lady-angel has stood beside a life-size seated granite businessman while gazing at a carved cherub below. For a century passers-by have pondered this unusual family, immortalized in stone on a Wisconsin cemetery plot.

Marmorean Ballplayer: Sheriff John McNamee of Brooklyn and His Sculptural Career in Florence

Paul H. D. Kaplan, Professor of Art History, State University of New York, Purchase

In the third quarter of the nineteenth century, both baseball and sculpture could serve as markers of and conduits for ascending class and cultural identity, and the remarkable career of John McNamee (c. 1827–1895) brings these two realms together in an unfamiliar but revealing fashion.

State of the Field: American Sculpture

In this suite of short essays, three specialists in the history of American sculpture consider the history of its formation and the direction of its future course: Roberta K. Tarbell, “Fifty Years of the History of American Sculpture”; Elise Madeleine Ciregna, “Cemeteries and Ideal Sculpture”; and Jennifer Wingate, “Sculpture and Lived Space.”