Tag: digital humanities

“Toward a More Inclusive Digital Art History,” a joint project funded through a generous grant by the Terra Foundation for American Art and administered by Panorama, has made it possible to guide a pioneering generation of art historians through workshops, one-on-one meetings, and technical guidance. Here we offer updates from project participants Theresa Avila, Carolin Görgen, Mary Okin and Celie Mitchard, and Helena Shaskevich and Lia Robinson.

This data-driven analysis unearths monuments that have received little attention, reveals an evolving narrative of the public commemoration of women, and demonstrates how the methods of the digital humanities can enhance the study of art.

This resource also offers a model for sharing the background research that is often too detailed, wide-ranging, and extraneous to be published in a conventional format, as well as too inaccessible in museum archives or scholars’ homes for general use.