Panorama is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to American art and visual culture, broadly defined and including (though not limited to) painting, sculpture, photography, earth, installation, performance, folk, and video art, design and decorative arts, as well as popular and commercial media such as cartoons, illustrations, prints, sheet music, and advertising art as well as material culture and mixed media of any description. Submissions ranging from the Colonial period to the modern and the contemporary here-and-now are welcome. Panorama also welcomes submissions that broaden, question, blur, and redefine the geographic and cultural boundaries of the current United States.

The journal is intended to provide a high-caliber international forum for disseminating original scholarship and engaging the major intellectual developments and methodological debates that have shaped scholarly and curatorial investigations of American art and visual culture. To this end, Panorama encourages submissions that utilize the insights of traditional and new approaches to American art, and which proceed from a range of disciplinary (and interdisciplinary) perspectives.

 Panorama is published twice a year. The editors are pleased to invite submissions in various formats, including feature length articles, research notes, book and exhibition reviews, and contributions to the Bully Pulpit. Instructions for submissions in each of these formats can be found below.



Authors interested in submitting article-length manuscripts and Bully Pulpit ideas should submit inquiries to: Persons with general inquiries should also use this email address. All submissions will be acknowledged within five days of receipt. A subvention, paid to the author, may be available to offset the cost of reproduction permissions.

Please contact editors Mishoe Brennecke, Jacqueline Francies, and Diane Mullin to suggest exhibitions for review, or if you are interested in writing an exhibition review. Submit inquiries to:

Mishoe Brennecke:
Jacqueline Francis:
Diane Mullin:

Individuals interested in suggesting books for review, or writing a book review should contact editors Margaretta Lovell, Naomi Slipp, and Marissa Vigneault. Submit inquiries to:

Margaretta Lovell:
Naomi Slipp:
Marissa Vigneault:

For those interested in submitting research notes, please contact editors Kevin M. Murphy and Sally Webster. Submit inquiries to:

Kevin M. Murphy:
Sally Webster:


Feature Articles

Each issue usually includes several feature-length articles. Manuscripts should be 7,000-10,000 words in length (excluding captions and endnotes).

Submission checklist

1) 250-word abstract, including author’s name and contact information, in Microsoft Word document
2) Article in Microsoft Word document
3) Illustrations and caption list in Microsoft Word document
4) Files named according to the following convention: SUBJECT [or title]_abstract; SUBJECT_article; SUBJECT_captions; SUBJECT_fig1; SUBJECT_fig2; etc.
5) Text and image files scrubbed of all identifying information. Follow the folder path file/properties/advanced properties/summary to remove document author information.

 Style Guidelines

• The article should conform to the Panorama Style Guide; it should be double-spaced and in 12-point Arial font.
• Text and notes should follow the format in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition.
• Notes should use Chicago’s “Notes and Bibliography” format (though we do not require a separate bibliography) and should appear at the end of the text.
• In its initial appearance, each citation should be in its complete form; thereafter please use a shortened citation. Please consult Chicago’s citation guide for more information.

 Illustration and Permissions Guidelines

For the final manuscript, the author must provide high-resolution digital images for the article as well as copyright permissions to reproduce them in Panorama. Image files should be 300 dpi, or 3000 pixels wide, and submitted in jpg format only. Because Panorama is an open-source, online journal with back issues readily available online, authors should request worldwide permission for an indefinite time period or the life of the project.

Contributors should also note that many cultural institutions now offer free, open-access use of images from their collections. Resource list here.

The Panorama website can also accommodate certain audio and video media files, and authors are encouraged to incorporate these in their submissions when relevant.

The editors will send the Panorama’s Image and Permissions Guidelines and a sample photo permission request letter to authors upon confirming acceptance of manuscript for publication.

Caption Format

 Fig. 0. Artist, Title of Work, date. Medium, dimensions. Collection; required credit line. Photography credit.


Bully Pulpit Contributions

The journal welcomes ideas for the Bully Pulpit. Submissions generally incorporate a series of short texts that trace a conversation or debate on a topic that is of interest to the field. Possible formats include: 

  • a short scholarly or polemical question or essay (500–2,500 words) paired with responses
  • written or transcribed roundtables or interviews paired with an introductory text
  • conference or symposium proceedings


Research Notes

The journal seeks shorter works of original scholarship that bring new research discoveries, new museum acquisitions, or developing projects (academic, curatorial, and/or digital) to the attention of its readers. Research Notes should be written in the first person, since we want the author’s voice to be a significant presence. They can be informal, and you are encouraged to express your excitement.

We want your discovery moment in the introductory paragraph, including or followed by how you discovered the information. Further along, we ask you to explain your discovery, how it aids your own work, and its possible importance for the field. We see the Research Notes as an opportunity to surface these great (and rare) moments when something comes to light. Notes are ideally approximately 2,500 words; they can include footnotes and up to five illustrations. Please follow the checklist and guidelines above.


Exhibition Reviews

Each issue features recent or ongoing exhibitions in the field of American art. Review manuscripts should be 1,500-2000 words in length. Upon commission, accepted authors will be provided with specific style guidelines.


Book Reviews 

Each issue features reviews of recently published books in the field of American art. Review manuscripts should be 1,500-2000 words in length. Upon commission, accepted authors will be provided with a book review style guide. Note: we do not accept unsolicited review copies from authors and publishers.