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Five Years of Panorama—Forty Years of AHAA

Editors’ Reflections on the First Five Years of Panorama
Edited by Naomi Slipp, with contributions from Sarah Burns, Jennifer Jane Marshall, M. Elizabeth Boone, Lauren Lessing, Austen Barron Bailly, Jacqueline Francis, Jessica Skwire Routhier, and Naomi Slipp
In celebration of Panorama’s first five years—issue 1.1 appeared in February of 2015—the current Executive Editors invited founding and past Editors to share reflections. This conversation highlights the challenges faced in founding the journal and outlines a vision for the future that is dependent upon the support and contributions of our colleagues and readers.
Who Will We Be? The Association of Historians of American Art on its Fortieth Anniversary
Guest-edited by Louise Siddons and Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, with contributions by David Sokol, Wanda M. Corn, Peter John Brownlee, Ellery Foutch, Teresa A. Carbone, Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, and Alicia Harris
Since its inception four decades ago, the Association of Historians of American Art (AHAA) has embraced a broad, actively inclusive, inherently collaborative mission for the field of American art. As this introduction and our seven respondents indicate, grappling with how best to fulfill this vision is a task AHAA continues to pursue—and one we cannot accomplish alone.
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