From the Research Notes Editors


Dear Colleagues,

This is the debut of Research Notes and our first outing as editors. We are gratified by the initial response and going forward we want to add a few words of advice for future submissions.

The tone and format for Research Notes are different from a learned essay or a review. Instead the focus is on your work and an aspect of your scholarly research that you want to share. The note should be written in the first person since we want the author’s voice to be a significant presence. The note can be informal and you are encouraged to express your excitement.

As to the format, we want the discovery moment in the introductory paragraph, including or followed by how you discovered the information. Further along we ask you to explain your discovery, how it aids your own work, and its possible importance for the field. We are seeing the notes as an opportunity to surface these great (and rare) moments where something comes to light. Ideally we request a ‘note’ of approximately 2,500 words; it can include footnotes and up to 5 illustrations.

We also extend our thanks to Emily Burns and Corey Piper  for their submissions and helping us to get the first appearance of Research Notes off to such a great start.

With thanks and warm regards,

Kevin M. Murphy
Sally Webster

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