Panorama’s 🆕 Section: Digital Dialogues


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Ellen Tani, “Maryland Institute Black Archives: A Post-Custodial Project
Jennifer van Horn, “Telling Imperfect Histories with the Digital

From online collections to Zoom conferences to Panorama as a born-digital journal, digital technology constitutes an ever-growing part of art-historical practice. In recognizing that much of our dialogue as a field happens through these and other digital mediums, Digital Dialogues redresses the lack of conversation about how digital technology is serving and even shaking up the field by encouraging reviews and reflections on the digital work that is impacting American art history.

In this inaugural section, Ellen Tani and Jennifer van Horn, respectively, discuss the Maryland Institute Black Archives and “Imperfect History,” an online exhibition by The Library Company of Philadelphia. These projects question and reframe institutional narratives from within and without. Created at different scales and with different budgets, they map two possible points in the capacious and diverse picture of American art history in the digital realm.

Going forward, we invite you to email us with your feedback and submissions regarding the digital projects and practices that are transforming art and art history of the United States.

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Jennifer Way (

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About the Author(s): Tracy Stuber and Jennifer Way are the Digital Dialogues Editors at Panorama.