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Header image showing an impressionist painting of women in the Edwardian era in a shoe shop

The Girl Behind the Counter: Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones and the Modern Shop Girl

A focused examination of the artist’s portrayals of the shop girl, alongside an understanding of what that role represented in the early twentieth century, offers a more complicated picture of the working woman and the association of middle-class consumers with her.

In the Round

Amateurism and American Visual Culture: An Introduction

Amateurism and American Visual Culture: An Introduction

Artists employ amateurism, both overtly and obliquely, for a number of reasons—to find relief from the burdens of expertise, to heighten the authenticity of their work, or to casually incorporate a new craft or technology into their fine art. But again and again, the amateur attitude works to dissipate the aura of authority that hangs around learned and professional practices.

Bully Pulpit


A more satisfying definition entails important ethical and often activist dimensions relating to both human and other-than-human life.


Joni Adamson, Professor, Department of English, Arizona State University

Subhankar Banerjee, Lannan Chair and Professor of Art & Ecology, University of New Mexico

Alan C. Braddock, Ralph H. Wark Associate Professor of Art History & American Studies, William & Mary

T. J. Demos, Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture, and Director, Center for Creative Ecologies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Stephen F. Eisenman, Professor, Art History, Northwestern University

Jessica L. Horton, Associate Professor, Department of Art History, University of Delaware

Sarah Kanouse, Associate Professor of Art and Design, Northeastern University

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Header image of a landscape painting of trees and the river and mountains in the background

Asher Durand’s Progress Reconsidered

Why would Durand, who believed so strongly that the role of landscape was to turn viewers’ thoughts from human activities to the work of God, take on a subject such as Progress?

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